1. Prototyping samples

    a. LHHP was originally created to support the prototyping and rapid response required by its customer base offering both manufacturing and design services

  2. Engineering consultant & solution

    a. For bespoke electrical & mechanical machinery, with LHHP in house Fabrication and CNC machining capabilities along with our partnerships with top quality electrical fitters and control system integrators, we can provide with a full turnkey solution.

  3. Product improvement activities

    a. LHHP is strike to eliminate waste from our operations to increase efficiency, reliability and reduce costs thus ultimately improving customer value as well as driving our competitive & advantages.

  4. Sub assembly

    a. LHHP has a dedicated team of assemblers and can fulfill your needs for a wide range of requirements. From multi-level assemblies, welding to electronics, and beyond, LHHP stands ready to serve.

  5. Cosmetic treatment onto product

    a. LHHP was created to support the surface treatment onto product by its customer base offering as:

    • Acid-cleaning, pickling and passivation
    • Phosphating
    • Zinc chromating / Nickel (electro/ electroless) Plating
    • Tin / Silver / Gold / Multi-Layer Plating
    • Coating / Painting
    • Sand Blasting / Buffing / Polishing
    • Heat treatment
    • And More…